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Pamela Coumans is an accomplished interior designer and entrepreneur with a diverse background encompassing Filipino and Chinese heritage. Since 2002, she has been successfully running her independent practice, showcasing her talent in interior architecture and design across New York City, Hudson Valley NY, and Santa Fe New Mexico.


With a degree in BA of Architecture from the University of New Mexico, Pamela's early career took her to Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona, where she excelled as a commercial architect. Later, she found fulfillment as an instructor and mentor at the prestigious Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Scottsdale Arizona and became a participant in the Caux Forum for Human Security in Montreux Switzerland.


Pamela's deep-rooted values of tradition, education, and her strong advocacy for Filipino culture have shaped her life and career. From her son's infancy, she embarked on a journey exploring the Philippines, aiming to expose him to his heritage and instill a sense of cultural appreciation from a young age. Her commitment to supporting the Aeta community on the island of Boracay Philippines led her to sponsor a community member to pursue higher education, leading to a college degree in Education. Pamela's dedication to these causes extended to her representation of the community at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2013.



As a true culture purveyor, Pamela has collaborated closely with abaca weavers, passionately promoting their exceptional craft through the creation of exquisite rugs and fabrics in the United States for high-end residential application. Currently, she is engaged in a creative collaboration with T'Boli women weavers in South Cotabato, working on innovative pieces that will be featured in the forthcoming Mūla Art and Design book.


With a remarkable career that intertwines design excellence and cultural advocacy, Pamela A. Coumans continues to make a positive impact on the world of interior design and beyond. Her unwavering commitment to her heritage and dedication to supporting indigenous communities have set her apart as a true inspiration in her field.

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